Atypical Situation dmb tribute band

About Atypical Situation

So, you may be wondering, how did we decide on the name "Atypical Situation" for our dmb tribute band? Well, there are several really good Dave Matthews Tribute Bands out there, with names such as "Dancing Nancies", and "Tripping Billies". When we were looking for a name, we started to go through the ENTIRE Dave Matthews song catalog, trying to find a name that would fit our group. Many different ideas were bandied about (one of my personal favorites was "Dave's Not Here"), but we finally settled on "Atypical Situation".

For those true "Dave Heads", you know that the band has a song entitled "Typical Situation", which is off the studio album "Under the Table and Dreaming"", and is also a staple of many a live dmb show. Well, we didn't want to be your "typical" cover, I mean "tribute" band. We are trying to recreate the "live" dmb sound, and so all of the versions of the dmb tunes we perform are based on live recordings: hence the "Atypical".

We hope to see you at one of our shows soon!.